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Why Lessonwell?

Lessonwell is an online lesson-writing platform that saves teacher time and effort.

Automatic Formatting

Teachers don't waste time choosing colors, fonts, sizes, margins, etc: we do all that for them. Instead, teachers focus on what they do best: writing great content

Every lesson is formatted to look great on any mobile device to enhance student experience as well.

Automatic Organization

Teachers also don't have to worry about grouping their lessons into appropriate units or courses: lessonwell automatically organizes their lessons! Proper menus and page naviation are generated without any effort by the teacher.

Not Complicated

Unlike many content-management systems out there, lessonwell is not bogged down by a million bells and whistles. We do one thing, and we do it very well: writing lessons

Intuitive User Interface

Many "made for teacher" platforms are just too confusing for the typical teacher to use effectively without training. Lessonwell is designed to be simple to use, and intuitive for even the least "tech savvy" user.